Company update: Big River Group

New look, confirmed values

Big River Group said its strategic initiative is aimed at fortifying its market position by unifying the company's diverse portfolio of brands to foster synergies across its business operations

CEO of Big River Group, John Lorente, said the rebranding is a proactive step to streamline operations, create unity across the business and unlock new opportunities for growth.

By aligning our local service excellence with our national scale, we aim to enhance our operational efficiencies while driving excellence and innovation in our solutions to better serve our customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

With a legacy spanning over 120 years, Big River Group believes it is positioned for future growth while remaining committed to stakeholders. Mr Lorente said:

We understand the importance of clarity and consistency in how we represent ourselves to the market. Our rebranding effort signifies more than just a visual transformation; it leverages our extensive experience and service autonomy across the group, empowering the company to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics while maintaining a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction.
By consolidating our resources and expertise under a cohesive brand identity, Big River Group is poised to capitalise on synergies and drive sustained growth in the years to come.
There is a need to be representing ourselves as one Big River team showcasing our capability for our customers and suppliers.
Our mission, 'Committed to doing good business with good people to build better projects' serves as a testament to our commitment to operating as one team, delivering exceptional value and product solutions to the market.

The phased roll-out of the rebranding initiative will commence with the introduction of the new logo, followed by subsequent brand assets throughout the year.

Key highlights of the initiative include:

  • Big River Group's brand structure will adopt a hybrid approach featuring five key brands: Big River Group as the Masterbrand, with Big River Commercial and Big River Trade Centre as sub-brands, and Timberwood Panels and Plytech Panels as endorsed brands.
  • The rebranding initiative will align all Big River Group brands under shared common values, ensuring consistency in delivering exceptional products and services.
  • The rebrand means a new logo, website design, and name changes to existing brands, maintaining visual coherence to the Masterbrand, while reflecting the company's renewed focus on synergy and cohesiveness.
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