HI News V4 No.4: HBT speaks to its future
Can buying groups evolve?
Download the latest issue of HI News Vol. 4, issue no. 4
Download the latest issue of HI News Vol. 4, issue no. 4
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Global paint company review and the failure of Bunnings United Kingdom & Ireland
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Now firmly under new leadership, Hardware & Building Traders (HBT) is navigating a future where corporate-owned Independent Hardware Group (IHG) and big box retailer Bunnings dominate. Newly appointed CEO, Greg Benstead and general manager, Mike LoRicco map out the group's path for the next few years. We provide extensive 90-page coverage of the 2018 conference.

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HI News V4 No. 4: HBT speaks to its future

Buying groups in the hardware retail industry have traditionally pursued the goal of offering volume in exchange for lower prices, but with the success of IHG in the market, they may need to re-think this approach. We explore a different alternative.

Our regular review of the global paint companies, Paint-O-Rama is in this edition. It features DuluxGroup's latest results along with AkzoNobel, Sherwin Williams and PPG.

In our other main feature, we also analyse Bunnings' exit from the UK market and what its consequences might be.

Companies mentioned in our suppliers section include Reece, CSR, Allegion, Saint Gobain and Yates amongst others. Mitre 10 stores are highlighted in the indie store update in this edition.

Kingfisher, Home Depot and Lowe's dominate our overseas news coverage.
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